There is no sense of freedom quite like an eBike

The electric bike has been around for a long time, but like you will have experienced with your smartphone, the technology has only matured in the past decade. What that means for you as you browse the Corratec range is you’re seeing a refined and technically sophisticated product that boasts connectivity to your devices, a seamless engagement of the assistance that you’ll barely notice when riding and a finished product that is at the cutting edge of modern bike design.

For two generations Corratec has designed, engineered and assembled its bikes within the prime cycling paradise of the Alps. Where our product designers are cyclists themselves, they fundamentally understand what delivers a perfectly balanced ride quality and better still one that neatly integrates all the electronics. We have partnered with market leaders and household name in all things appliances, Bosch, to deliver only the best pedal assistance and power delivery to our riders.

eBikes are for all levels of rider

The beautiful thing about electric bikes is that you do not need to be a cyclist to take part and arguably there is no more accessible and exciting way into regularly getting outdoors than by going by e-bike. In the urban setting people find that the extra assistance inspires confidence right off the traffic lights, while on gravel paths the additional torque helps handle loose and steep terrain in a way that many would struggle to under their own steam.

Perfect for the whole family

Now here’s the best bit: e-bikes are a great leveller. Perhaps you have a partner who is less keen on cycling, but you’d like to share the adventure? The e-bike has been shown in numerous studies to inspire people to get the bike out more often and to cover longer distances per ride, inevitably meaning you may actually end up exercising more than if you had only a bicycle in the garage. For that reason alone, the myth that assisted cycling is somehow “cheating” is busted wide open; over time, thanks largely to the convenience, e-bike users tend to cycle for a greater variety of trips.

A green alternative to driving

Many people find as soon as they try an electric bike they can immediately picture completing a far broader range of trips on two wheels, which more than likely means leaving the car at home more often, saving money on fuel and boosting your whole family’s fitness. One study from Oslo, Norway (where the weather is often challenging) discovered that electric bike riders averaged 340% longer journeys in any given day than pedal cyclists and undertook more journeys by bike.

Love the hills!

Have you ever found yourself avoiding cycling out of a little concern for that one hill on the way home? We’re happy to say that excuse can now be consigned to the history books. With our motor’s assistance you can have the motor provide a range of assistance, from the flat-appropriate eco usage modes, right through to a turbo setting designed to be deployed when you really need help. All you need do is cycle the buttons on your handlebar’s dashboard to enhance the available help.

What eBike is right for me?

Not sure what e-bike is right for you? Don't worry! Check out our handy guide to help you find the perfect electric bike.

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