How to wash your e-bike

How to wash your e-bike E-Bike Guides | 22.03.23

One of the biggest questions regarding E-bike maintenance and one of the biggest questions for owning an E-bike is: 

Can I get my e-bike wet?

YES, you can get your e-bike wet. The BOSCHE-bike system used on the Corratec e-bike and all other components installed are water resistant allowing you to ride in the rain, splash through puddles and wash your electric e-bike without worry.

Keeping your e-bike clean is a necessity to help maintain performance and should be carried out regularly to increase the longevity of the e-bike system and all mechanical components. However, there are some key differences between washing an e-bike and washing a non-electric bicycle. Please read the tips below on how to care for your e-bike. 

The best way to wash your e-bike is with a garden hose, and it should be washed whenever it gets dirty. Whether that be a day’s adventurous riding through forests or your daily commute through town. 

If you’re riding your e-bike on the daily commute in nice weather on roads and cycle paths, then wiping it down, degreasing and lubricating the chain every month will really help. This keeps the worst of the dirt accumulated whilst riding through traffic at bay and will help to maintain your drivetrain, keeping gear changes smooth and pleasant. 

However, if you’re commuting on your e-bike all year round, through the rain and snow or riding an e-MTB (electric mountain bike), you should be cleaning your e-bike more frequently. Leaving dirt, mud, and grime on any bike for extended periods of time will increase wear, cause damage and may lead to premature failure. 

Another consideration is the transportation of your e-bike. If you’re transporting your e-bike in the back of your car, it’s good practice to give the bike a quick clean and dry after reaching your destination to remove road grime, oils, or salt brine from sensitive parts of the bike. This will help overall performance and prevent unnecessary damage to the components. 

How to clean an electric bike? 

We have now established your e-bike is water-resistant and can get wet, the next step is to understand how to wash your e-bike effectively. For the most part, when washing an e-bike you can follow the same steps as washing a non-electric bicycle but with a few key differences: 


1. When washing your e-bike it is important to pay attention to the electric components, such as the display. 

2. Ensure the e-bike is turned off, you can check this by making sure your display is powered off. 

3. Ensure the e-bike battery is locked in place and secure. 

4. Ensure the charge port cover on the bike is fully closed. 


1. Do not use a power washer (Jet Wash) or high-water pressure. The motor, battery, handlebar-mounted controller, and display are water-resistant, however, spraying these parts directly with high pressure water jets could cause damage. Similarly, you want to avoid spraying high-pressure water directly on any bearings (i.e wheel and headset) and any suspension. 

2. Never wash your e-bike upside down. The motor and battery are designed to drain water while the bike is moving. Turning the bike upside down to wash it can cause water to pool in and around the motor and battery areas, causing damage. 

3. Avoid using strong chemical cleaners. It’s best to use a bike-specific wash, as harsh chemicals could damage plastic parts and seals (like the covers on your motor, battery, and control/display units). 

After cleaning your bike what next? 

Always dry your e-bike fully before putting it back into storage. Residual water left sitting on mechanical and electrical components could cause damage. Bounce your e-bike tyres carefully a few times on the ground to shake off excessive water. Using a microfiber towel or other highly absorbent cloth you can then wipe down the rest of your bike paying special attention to bolts and electrical connections. After washing and drying your e-bike, remove the battery and wipe it over with a soft cloth, and ensure all connection ports are dry. 

You should never store your e-bike outdoors for long periods of time. Leaving your e-bike where it is exposed to the elements for prolonged periods could cause damage and water ingress. Storing an e-bike in a damp environment such as a shed, garage or basement could also interfere with it drying completely so dry it off as much as possible before putting your bike into storage. If you live in a wet/humid environment, consider storing your e-bike in a climate-controlled setting. 

To summarise, don’t be afraid to wash your electric bike! 

With these tips, you’re e-bike will be looking and performing like new for many rides to come. Check out our other guides for more quick tips on how to operate and care for your e-bike. 

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