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Corratec’s leisure suited bikes offer supreme comfort and the ability to take shortcuts and scenic routes out of town, all the while coming ready to carry the shopping home.

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The perfect all round e-bike

Our leisure bikes are built for the enjoyment of cycling with the added perk of being useful as a tool to tackle tasks about town. An upright riding position puts your eye-level above the traffic, straightens your back and let’s you focus on enjoying the gentle breeze in your hair as you cruise past the traffic.

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Corratec Leisure technology

Low entry

Corratec offer a wide range of frame styles to suit all riders. The Low entry frame, also referred to as a Wave is one of the most popular in the E-Leisure category. Allowing riders to step over the frame comfortably, giving confidence when setting off on journeys. The geometry of the frame allows for riders off all heights to ride in style and have access to a wide range of e-bikes.

Safe braking

On the Corratec Life model of e-bike, life red has been used on the front brake lever to highlight the fact it operates the front brake. This added safety feature is to stop the rider from applying the front brake during casual riding and going over the handlebars. Small details can make all the difference, especially for shorter spontaneous journeys.

Shadow Edge Tubes 3.0

The innovative stylish frame designed and built by Corratec is evolving to a new level. With a unique honeycomb design feature the Shadow Edge Tube 3.0 paired with the 750Wh battery catapults the Corratec e-bikes to the next level.

Ready to get e-biking?

Built robust, we only partner with reliable component manufacturers, meaning your urban ready e-bike will go on and on with just a light maintenance schedule. Looking to lower your transport costs?

Click & Collect

We ship direct to your local store, so you can pick up your ready to ride eBike at a time that suits you.

2 Year Warranty

Your new bike is under warranty from the moment you buy it. We want you to keep on enjoying your Corratec eBike.

Ways to Pay

We have multiple ways to pay for your electric bike, either by credit, debit card or finance options.
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